Bolboschoenus caldwellii

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The Bolboschoenus caldwellii is a perennial native rush with creeping rhizomes with green grass-like foliage emerges from the bulb in early spring and yellow-brown flowers are produced from August to December or January – March. As the weather cools, the foliage dies back to the bulb where it lies dormant over winter, re-shooting in the warmer months. Naturally found in drains, swamps, on the margins of brackish lakes, salt marshes and along creeks in coastal areas. Suits white or grey sand, mud, saline silt and sandy clay soils. rhizomes as a bank stabilizer for river banks and estuarine areas of high salinity. It is ideal for erosion control and as a river bank stabilizer where is also provides habitat for frogs and nesting birds.

Common Name/s :  Marsh Club-Rush

Family : Cyperaceae

Origin : Australia

Habit : Clumping, Erect

Height : Up to 1.0m in water depth

Width : Up to 3.0m in width

Growth Rate : Moderate to Fast

Foliage : The foliage is a pale to mid green with grass like leaves up to 7mm in width

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Are clusters of golden, yellowish-brown bulbs form between August to December.

Flowers colours : Yellow and Gold

Fruit : Not known to have fruits

Position : Prefers full sun or part shade. Inhabits salt-marshes, grassy wetlands and wet depressions in red gum woodland.

Common Pest And Diseases : Not knows to have any pests or diseases

Soil Type : Aquatic, perennial requires damp to wet soils in permanent or semi-permanent water.

Care And Maintenance : Waterwise and drought tolerant, virtually no maintenance required

Available Pot Size/s : 140mm

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