Acer October Glory 100lt

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’

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Product Description

Origin : North America
Habit : Ovate / rounded
Common Names : Red Maple
Height : 12m
Width : 9m
Growth Rate : Moderate
Foliage : Dark Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Autumn Colour
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : Inconspicuous small red flowers
Position : Full sun / part shade
Fruits : Samaras
Uses : Large Feature / Shade tree. Autumn colour.
Other Features,Comment : Autumn colour
Soil Type t : Will tolerate many soil types from moderately wet, dry and alkaline soils.
Care And Maintenance t : Avoid prunning in late Winter.
Pot Size : 100lt, 200lt, 45lt

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Pot Size

100lt, 200lt, 45lt

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