Andreasens Green Wholesale Nurseries is a market leader in the supply of plants to local and state governments, and the landscape/construction industry.

The diversity of climate and changing growing conditions, enables Andreasens to produce a wide range of plants. Andreasens are committed to growing premium quality stock.

Nursery Kemps Creek


Kemps Creek is a production nursery, NSW head office and the distribution centre for all NSW orders.

The Kemps Creek site is 50 acres, housing a huge range of native and exotic plant varieties from 140mm pots to 1000 litre trees.

Nursery Lansvale

LANSVALE, Southwest Sydney

Lansvale is the birthplace of Andreasens Green where founder Maurice Green first began his wholesale nursery in 1981.

Lansvale is an 8 acre site with state-of-the-art propagation facilities. It provides most of the tube stock used for plant production across Andreasens nurseries.

Nursery Lansvale
Nursery Yatala


Mangrove Mountain is located on the Central Coast north of Sydney. This region provides a perfect growing climate for many species with its warm summers and frost-free winters. The 72 acre site was purchased in 2008 boasting an independent water supply and close proximity to the Hunter, Mid North Coast and Sydney. It is designed to grow a mixed range of evergreen stock from 140mm to 1000 litre and numerous large-scale Pre-Grow projects.

Aerial view of Yatala

YATALA, South of Brisbane, QLD

Yatala is the sales office and dispatch centre for Queensland. This state of the art nursery is where we grow our tropical, exotic and evergreen plants for supply all year round. It has the capacity to grow 8 acres of stock under shade and a wide range of species in sizes ranging from 140mm up to 100 litres.

Aerial view of Yatala

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