The Abutilon x hybridum is a evergreen shrub that is a great feature for any garden. The lovely, bell-shaped brightly coloured flowers look like little lanterns. The flower colours are depend on the variety. The variety we have has an orange flower.

Common Name/s :  Chinese lantern

Family : Malvaceac

Origin : China and South America

Habit : Upright

Height : Up to 2.0m in height

Width : Up to 2.0m in width

Growth Rate : Fast

Foliage : The leaves are palmately lobed almost maple-like in shape, and is evergreen

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : The flowers are lovely, bell-shaped that looks like a chinese lantern. Comes in a variety of colours based on the different cultivars.

Flowers colours : Orange

Fruit : Not know to have fruits

Position : In full sun to part shade

Common Pest And Diseases : Susceptable to leaf eating insects like flea beetles, aphids and catepillars.

Soil Type : Any well drained soil, suitable in sandy, medium loamy and heavy clay soils.

Care And Maintenance : Prune hard in Spring after flowering to keep tidy or the tips can be pruned to promote growth

Available Pot Size/s : 400mm

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