Acacia falcata

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The Acacia falcata is a slender shrub that can also be called a tree, they can grow between 2.0-5.0m depending on its environment. These evergreen large shrubs can be used as a screening plant and are frost and drought tolerant. Grown mostly throughout Queensland and most coastal regions of New South Wales. Great for revegetation projects as Acacia falcata has proven to rehabilitate the soil.
Common Name/s :  Sickle Wattle
Family : Fabaceae
Origin : Australia
Habit : Upright and slender
Height : Up to 2.0-5.0m in height
Width : Up to 2.0 in width
Growth Rate : Moderate
Foliage : The foliage is blue-green curvy phyllodes with a prominent mid vain and is evergreen
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : The flowers look like little puffs of balls that are whitish-yellow in colour
Flowers colours : White and Cream; Yellow and Gold
Fruit : Not known to have fruits, however, the seed pods that are produced can be collected for propagating.
Position : In full sun to part shade
Common Pest And Diseases : Not known to have any pests and diseases
Soil Type : Can be planted in most soil types.
Care And Maintenance : Low maintenance and care required. This native shrub/tree can grow in natural environments without too much fuss.
Available Pot Size/s : 50mm

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Flowers colours

White and Cream, Yellow and Gold

Plant Type

Evergreen Shrub, Evergreen Tree, Large Shrub, Native, Small Tree


Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade

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