Aspidistra elatior

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Origin : Japan, Taiwan
Habit : Upright, clumping
Common Names : Cast Iron Plant
Height : 0.6m
Width : 0.6m
Growth Rate : Slow
Foliage : Dark Green, Glossy
Flowers : No
Flower Description :
Position : Well lit indoors or shaded outdoor position avoiding temperatures lower than -5 degrees
Fruits : Round, Turning Red at Maturity
Uses : Potted specimens for indoors & offices. Clump/group plantings in protected position outdoor (gardens or planter boxes).
Common Pest And Diseases : Scale and Mite
Soil Type : Indoor mix for potted specimens OR well drained rich soils outdoors
Care And Maintenance : Water sparingly, annual complete fertilizer, keeps leafs clean to improve appearance
Pot Size : 200mm

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Pot Size



Part Shade, Part Sun, Sheltered Position

Plant Type

Exotic, Small Shrub

Flowers colours

Foliage Plants, Pink, Purple