Blechnum gibbum ‘Silver Lady’

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A graceful small fern tern, with a trunk approx. 1m high topped with a spreading rosette of green and fresh fond which arch out and down. Needs protection from extremes hot and cold and will grow well in a large pot. Generally, prefers a sub-tropical to the tropical environment – moist and warm. Plant enough of them close together and they’ll make an interesting under tree groundcover.

Common Name/s :  Silver Lady, Silver Lady Fern, Dwarf Tree Fern

Family : Blechnaceae

Origin : Australia, Norfolk Island and Fiji

Habit : Arching, upright

Height : Up to 1.2m in height

Width : Up to 1.0m in width

Growth Rate : Fast

Foliage : Vibrant green fronds that curve upwards and its tip pointing down

Flowers : No

Flower Description : Not known to have any flowers

Flowers colours : Foliage Plants

Fruit : Not know to have any fruits

Position : Needs to be planted in a most shady area, protected from very hot and windy areas

Common Pest And Diseases : Susceptible to scale insects – spray with white oil

Soil Type : A good, rich, fertile soil with plenty of humus – will enjoy an excess of water.

Care And Maintenance : Keep well-watered and don’t let it dry out.

Available Pot Size/s : 200mm;50mm

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