Callistemon salignus

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This evergreen native white-creamy to a yellowish flowering tree is very adaptable and tolerates most of Australia’s climates. Grows well in many types of gardens, parks and big open spaces to allow for the invasive root system. Perfect for native hedging or to grow naturally into a tall tree, attracts birds.
Common Name/s :  Willow Bottlebrush
Family :  Myrtaceae
Origin :  Native to Australia
Habit :   Small Tree
Height :  Up to 8.0m in height
Width :  Up to 8.0m in width
Growth Rate :  Fast
Foliage :  New growth of the Callistemon salignus is a bright pink-reddish colour with leaves that are elongated and elliptical in shape.
Flowers :  Yes
Flower Description :  Spikes of white-creamy bottlebrush flowers. Other colours are different cultivars or varieties. 
Flowers colours :  White and Cream; Yellow and Gold
Fruit :  Not known to have any fruits, however, these plants do produce nectar to attract birds and bees.
Position : Plant in well-drained soil in full sun to partly shaded position of the garden. Tolerates drought once established and not frost hardy.
Common Pest And Diseases :  Not known to have any pests or diseases
Soil Type :  It is a hardy species which is suited to most soils, even those with less than perfect drainage. It grows best with adequate moisture but will tolerate extended dry periods once established.
Care And Maintenance :  Provide a slow-release fertilizer to promote healthy leaves and plentiful flowers. Prune once flowered.
Available in Pot Size/s:  50mm

Additional information

Flowers colours

White and Cream, Yellow and Gold

Pot Size

300mm, 50mm


Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun

Plant Type

Evergreen Tree, Large Tree, Native