Carpobrotus glaucescens

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Origin : Australia
Habit : Trailing groundcover
Common Names : Pig-face
Height : 0.2m
Width : 2m
Growth Rate : Fast
Foliage : Fleshy, green
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : Large pink daisy-like
Fruit : Red-purple berry
Position : Full Sun
Uses : Bank and dune stabilisation, frontline salt/coastal, groundcover
Common Pest And Diseases : Relatively pest free, can be susceptible to scale if stressed
Other Features, Comments : Flora for fauna
Soil Type : Sandy to most well drained soils, not for wet areas
Care And Maintenance : Low maintenance, removal of old flowers/fruit if necessary and minimal pruning to maintain mass
Flowers color : Pink
Pot Size :140mm

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Flowers colours


Pot Size

140mm, 50mm


Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun

Plant Type

Groundcover, Native