Cordyline glauca

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The Cordyline glauca will provide rich and dark green foliage throughout the year. Cordylines are happy to grow underneath trees, but brighter light levels will intensify the colours of the leaves. Wet feet can cause root rot and fungal diseases, but cordylines are generally easy to grow. As they grow taller, the lower leaves can die off and become untidy, so these should be removed. They withstand dry conditions, though their growth will slow. Beautiful mauve-coloured flower spikes appear in summer. Great for adding a tropical feel to the landscape. Mass plant for impact or plant in a container as a feature.

Common Name/s :  Green Ti

Family : Asparagaceae

Origin : Origin unknown

Habit : Upright, fan-out

Height : Up to 2.0m in height

Width : Up to 2.0m in width

Growth Rate : Slow

Foliage : Evergreen foliage leaves are a fan shape.

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Beautiful mauve-coloured flower spikes that bloom around Summer

Flowers colours : Purple; White and Cream

Fruit : Not known to have fruits

Position : Suitable for part shady areas to part sun, will grow in the following climates: cool, temperate, subtropical, tropical.

Common Pest And Diseases : Susceptible to fungal leaf spots, scale and rooting roots is too wet, and some pests like spider mites, mealy bugs and aphids

Soil Type : Prefers moist and well-drained soil

Care And Maintenance : Can be planted any season, good general purpose fertiliser applied through the warmer months.

Available Pot Size/s : 300mm

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