Dietes bicolor

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Origin : South Africa

Habit :Clump forming rhizomatious perennial

Common Names : African Iris/ Fortnight Lily

Height : 1m

Width : .5 – 1m x .5 – 1m

Growth Rate : Fast

Foliage : Green, strappy

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Yellow with 3 dark purple spots

Fruit : Green capsules containing brown seeds

Position : Part shade/full sun

Uses : Roadside gardens, commercial properties, public gardens

Common Pest And Diseases : Relatively pest free

Other Features, Comments :Drought tolerant

Soil Type : Tolerated most soil types

Care And Maintenance : Remove stalks after flowering to keep tidy and to stop plant multiplying

Flowers colours : White

Pot Size : 140mm, 200mm, Tubes

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