Eucalyptus fibrosa

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Origin : Australia
Habit : Clear trunk
Common Names : Red Iron Bark
Height : >35m
Growth Rate : Slow
Foliage : Dark Green, Grey
Flower Description : March to August
Fruit : Conical or hemispherical
Position : Full sun
Common Pest And Diseases : Relatively pest free, may be susceptible to scale
Other Features, Comments : Deeply furrowed dark grey bark. Tolerates frost and extended dry periods
Uses : Medium value for honey production
Soil Type : Poor dry clay and less fertile soils
Care And Maintenance : Low maintenance
Flowers colours : Cream, White
Pot Size : 200mm, 300mm, 45lt, Tubes

Additional information

Flowers colours

White and Cream

Pot Size

300mm, 45lt


Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun

Plant Type

Evergreen Tree, Large Tree, Native