Eucalyptus microcorys

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Origin : Australia
Common Names : Tallowwood
Height : 35 – 60m
Growth Rate : slow
Foliage : Green, Glossy
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : May to December
Fruit : Conical or pyriform
Position : Full sun
Uses : Useful for shade, shelter and ornamental plantings. Flowers produce nectar for honey production or pollen
Common Pest And Diseases : Relatively pest free, may be susceptible to scale
Other Features, Comments : Bark persistent, red brown or brown black, stringy. used for heavy construction, poles, flooring and decking
Flowers colours : Cream, White
Pot Size : 100lt, 200lt, 200mm, 400lt, 45lt, 75lt
Soil Type : Highly fertile soils
Care And Maintenance : Low maintenance

Additional information

Flowers colours

White and Cream

Pot Size

100lt, 200mm, 300mm, 45lt, 75lt


Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun

Plant Type

Evergreen Tree, Large Tree, Native