Ficus pumila

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Origin : Asia
Habit : Climber/Groundcover
Common Names : Creeping/climbing fig
Height : 0.2m
Width : 8m
Growth Rate : Fast
Foliage : Dark Green, Glossy, Rusty
Flowers : No
Position : Full Sun to Part shade
Common Pest And Diseases : Deer, Soft brown scale, Rust, Leaf spot and Phytophthora rot
Uses : Wall or screen cover with aerial roots that attach to any surface, also can be used in hanging baskets or rockeries as a spill over plant
Other Features,Comment : Take care when planting as the roots can cause structural damage to paving and brick mortar
Soil Type : Moderately well drained soil
Care And Maintenance : Regular pruning to maintain shape
Pot Size : 140mm

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Full Sun, Full Sun to Part Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun

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Climber, Exotic

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