Helichrysum petiolare

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Description : The Helichrysum petiolare has a soft densely felted foliage which has a slight licorice fragrance,  mostly grown for its exceptionally beautiful foliage. This evergreen shrub is drought tolerant and requires low maintenance and low watering

Common Name/s : Licorice Plant

Origin : South Africa

Habit : Shrub, Groundcover and Trailing

Height : up to 0.6m in height

Width : up to 1.5m in width

Growth Rate : Fast Growing and Dense

Foliage : Silvery Grey, rounded in shape

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : White tiny flowers that are insignifant

Flowers colours : White and Cream

Fruit : Not known to have fruits

Position : Full Sun and Part Shade

Common Pest And Diseases : Not known to have any pests or diseases

Soil Type : Can be grown in clay, loam and sand – needs to be well drained. If the soil is very moist the plant may rot

Care And Maintenance : Harvest once a week for the first 6 weeks and keep well mulched. Lightly prune in the warmer months to maintain shape and size

Pot Size: 250mm

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