Indigofera australis

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The Indigofera australis is a slender shrub found in all states, varying in size and habit depending on where it has been planted. This lovely evergreen shrub is great if you want to attract wildlife to your garden being a good nectar source. It will flower during Spring with blooms of pinkish purple-mauve flowers which looks beautiful against the contrasting blue-green foliage.
Common Name/s :  Australian indigo
Family :  Fabaceae
Origin :  Native to Australia
Habit :   Small Shrub
Height :  Up to 2.0m in height
Width :  Up to 2.0m in width
Growth Rate :  Fast
Foliage :  Greenish Blue
Flowers :  Yes
Flower Description :  Small clusters of pea-shaped flowers that are pinkish to purple-mauve in colour. This shrub will bloom flowers from late Winter to early Spring. 
Flowers colours :  Pinkish-purple
Fruit :  Not known to produce any fruits
Position : Plant in a location with full sun to light shade location.
Common Pest And Diseases :  Relatively pest and disease-free
Soil Type :  Can be planted with a mixture of soils
Care And Maintenance :  Water regularly once established, and trim slightly to encourage new growth and a neat and compact form. Tolerates harsh climates from the extreme frost to hot and dry conditions.
Available in Pot Size/s:  50mm

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140mm, 50mm

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Evergreen Shrub, Large Shrub, Native