Nandina domestica

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Origin : India through to Japan
Family : Berberidaceae
Habit : Clumping
Common Names : heavenly Bamboo, Sacree Bamboo
Height : 2m
Width : 1.2m
Growth Rate : Medium
Foliage : bipinnate/ tripinnate, lance shaped tinted pinkish red ageing to glossy green. Yellow, red and purplish hues in winter
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : Small
Flower colours : Creamy White
Fruit : Showy red berries
Position : Full sun to part shade
Common Pest And Diseases : Black Spot, rust, root beetle
Soil Type : Well draining soils to medium clays
Uses : Asian style gardens, screening, potted colour, colour contrast/ seasonal contrast
Other Features, comments : Multi layered growth develops allowing constant colour effect throughout the plant
Care And Maintenance :  Cut back any dead growth to help promote new grow, low amounts of fertiliser annualy to help keep plant healthy
Pot Size : 200mm


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