Neomarica gracilis

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The beautiful dark green sword-like foliage of the Walking Iris has found a home in many of our gardens. This low-maintenance clumping perennial is great in garden beds as it creates a contrast between bun-shaped plants. It also works fantastic along pathways and makes an excellent border plant. Flowers during Spring and Summer. Even if it’s not in flower, the dark green foliage makes for very elegant displays.
Common Name/s :  Walking Iris
Family : Iridaceae
Origin : Central America
Habit : Clumping
Height : Up to 0.5- 0.6m in height
Width : Up to 0.5- 0.6m in width
Growth Rate : Medium
Foliage : Dark green foliage, long strappy arching leaves makes an elegant display in the garden
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : This plant has graceful sword-like foliage has white, yellow or blue flowers that resemble a cross between those of an orchid and an iris. Flowers in Spring/Summer
Flowers colours : Purple;White and Cream;Yellow and Gold
Fruit : Not known to have any fruits
Position : Suitable in shaded and sheltered areas
Common Pest And Diseases : Not know to have any pests and diseases
Soil Type : A good drainage, so no waterlogged or consistently boggy areas
Care And Maintenance : A good low-maintenance plant.
Available Pot Size/s : 200mm

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Pot Size


Flowers colours

Purple, White and Cream, Yellow and Gold

Plant Type

Evergreen Shrub, Groundcover, Perennial


Full Shade, Sheltered Position