Olea europaea

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Origin : Africa
Habit : Small open evergreen tree
Common Names : European olive
Height : > 7m
Width : > 7m
Growth Rate : Medium
Foliage : Dark Green, Silvery
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : Small cluster of flowers appear out of the leaf axxilis along the stem in Spring
Fruit : Small Edible Green oval fruit
Position : Full sun
Uses : Fruit tree
Common Pest And Diseases : Olive knot, Olive fruit fly
Other Features, Comments : Speciman tree, Great for screening and hedging can also be grown in tubs and planters and made into a espallier, Drought and light frost tolerant
Soil Type : Well drained
Care And Maintenance : Prune to shape and remove any unwanted branches
Flowers colours : White
Pot Size : 100lt, 200lt, 300mm, 45lt, 75lt

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