Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘PA400’ PBR Purple Lea®

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Origin : Eurasia, Africa, Australia

Family : Poaceae

Habit : Clumping, Mat-forming

Common Names : Fountain Grass, Swamp Foxtail grass

Height : 1.2 – 1.5m

Width : 45 – 60cm

Growth Rate : Fast

Foliage : Long slender rough feeling green leaves

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Long narrowing oblong/ cylindrical brush like sprikelets.

Flower colours : Purpleish in colour

Fruit : Seed

Position : Full Sun

Common Pest And Diseases : Caterpillar, rust, root rot

Soil Type : Well drraining soils to light clays

Uses : Clumping featrue, screening, colour contrast

Other Features, comments : Root rot can occur if left in bad drainage soils

Care And Maintenance :  Cut back to thirty 30cm from the base annualy in late winter to allow regenerational growth to create a new vibrant clump

Pot Size : 140mm


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