Plumeria rubra

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Origin : Central America, Mexico and Venezuela
Family : Apocynaceae
Habit : Broad spreading branching habit
Common Names : Frangipani
Height : 8m
Width : 4.5m
Growth Rate : Slow
Foliage : Large, dark green, shiny, elliptic
Flowers : Yes
Flower Description : Large five petaled, strongly fragrant
Flower colours : Whide range of colours rangning from yellow centered flowers with white petals to dark reds, pinks and yellows
Fruit : None
Position : Full sun to Part Shade
Common Pest And Diseases : Scale, caterpillar and grubs, can get rust on leaves
Soil Type : Well drained soils, can tolerate light clays
Uses : Feature plant, tropical colour and contrasting
Other Features, comments : Can develop root rot in over wet soils and medium/ heavy clays.
Care And Maintenance :  Place in low to medium wind areas, heavy winds will cause damage
Pot Size : 200lt


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