Quercus palustris

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Origin : Eastern USA ands Canada

Habit : Conical when young with a strong central leader with ascending upper branches and drooping lower branches

Common Names : Pin oak

Height : 15m

Width : 8m

Growth Rate : Medium

Foliage : Dark Green, Red, Bronze, Autumn Colour

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Small grey green male catkins and small female flowers bloom in late winter

Fruit : small stout acorns with a flat cap

Position : Full sun/Part shade

Uses : Street tree

Common Pest And Diseases : Relatively pest and disease free

Other Features, Comments : Great for use as a feature tree or as a shade tree in parks and gardens and had a high wind tolerance

Soil Type : Well drained soil

Care And Maintenance : May need to prune lower branches

Flowers colours : Green

Pot Size : 75lt, 100lt, 200lt, 400lt

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