Russelia equisetiformis

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Description : A multi branching shrubby perennial, with cascading or weeping foliage looks attractive year round. It is is summer when the plant flowers that it comes into its own, although in warmer climates it will flower almost year round.

Common Name/s : Firecracker Plant

Family : Plantaginaceae

Origin : Mexico and Guatemala

Habit : Weeping shrub

Height : up to 2.0m in height

Width : up to 4.0 m in height

Growth Rate : Fast growing

Foliage : Tiny oval leaves, that are evergreen all through the year.

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Coral-red, tubular flowers are displayed profusely at the ends of the branches in 30cm long sprays that may persist throughout the year

Flowers colours : Red

Fruit : Not known to have any fruits

Position : It grows best in a sunny position however will cope with some afternoon shade. In frost prone areas it is best grown in containers and given some protection.

Common Pest And Diseases : Not known to have any pest or diseases

Soil Type : Well drained soil

Care And Maintenance : Keep well mulched and lightly prune regularly in the warmer months to maintain shape and size.

Pot Size: 200mm

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