Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘FT01’ PBR Flat Mat™

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Flat Mat™ Trachelospermum is a lower growing and forms a ground cover more quickly compared to the common form. It makes a flatter climber when supported on trellises etc. It requires less pruning to form a flatter ground cover. Elegant, evergreen twining climber grows more quickly and requires less pruning than the common form of Japanese Star Jasmine. It is excellent as a ground cover, border, a container plant, for covering fences, walls, pergolas, and can be trained to arches and trellises.

Common Name/s :  Star Jasmine

Family : Apocynaceae

Origin : Native to Asia

Habit : Dense, Mat Forming, Spreading

Height : Up to 4.0m in height

Width : Up to 4.0m in width

Growth Rate : Medium to Fast

Foliage : Green glossy evergreen foliage with a bronze tint

Flowers : Yes

Flower Description : Beautifully scented small white flowers that resemble stars

Flowers colours : White and Cream

Fruit : Not known to bear any fruits

Position : Full sun to part shade. Tolerates drought and cold. The Flat Mat™ plant suits most soil types.

Common Pest And Diseases : Not known to have any pests or diseases

Soil Type : Prefers any well-draining soil.

Care And Maintenance : Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established and keep moist in dry weather. Plant in a well-mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). If required use slow-release fertiliser in spring. Prune after flowering.

Available Pot Size/s : 140mm

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