Perfect to suit different garden styles, and used in borders as hedges for screen and a wall-side screen. The vigorous evergreen shrub provides and eye-catching cluster of flowers that open from small pink buds. Rich of nector, that will attract pollinating wildlife. Easy to grow and very durable, with flowers that bloom in Winter and bright blue berries in Spring is great worth for any garden style.

Common Name/s :  Laurustinus

Family :  Adoxaceae

Origin :  Native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and North Africa

Habit :   Small bushy shrub

Height :  Up to 3.0m in height

Width :  Up to 3.0m in width

Growth Rate :  Medium to fast

Foliage :  Dark Green & Glossy

Flowers :  Yes

Flower Description :  Clusters of small pink buds appear bursting into flower in late Winter with pink undersides 

Flowers colours :  Pink;White and Cream

Fruit :  Small round blue fruit forms in small clusters of the flower

Position : Full Sun to Part Shade

Common Pest And Diseases :  Relatively pest and disease free

Soil Type :  Moist Soil but well-drained

Care And Maintenance :  Trim or prune to maintain its shape, particularly once the flowers have finished blooming. Water regularly, not too frequently allow the soil to ry out between feeds.

Available in Pot Size/s:  200mm

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