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Commitment To Quality Advanced Trees

Andreasens Green are committed to providing excellent quality, consistent advanced trees. Our focus is not only on the above ground elements, but also most importantly on the below ground characteristics, an area which can often be hidden from view. Our policy of root pruning at each stage of potting testifies to our commitment to root ball quality. For many  years we have used the NATSPEC guidelines to inform our production and maintenance programs. Our commitment goes even further. Andreasens Green is actively involved in research and development of better guidelines and practises industry wide such as the development of the current Australian Standard AS 2303:2015 ‘Tree stock for landscape use’.  Our nursery sites, tree stock, and experienced staff are assisting in the continual research and involvement across the industry and are investing time and money in quality product and processes.  

All of our staff from 1st year apprentices to management staff are continually trained in best trade practices for growing and maintaining trees in containers. We are proud of a ‘continual improvement’ culture which encourages staff to continually look for ways to improve our quality and processes, particularly with conformance to the AS 2303:2015.

Advanced trees play an important role in many projects, helping to provide an established look to the landscape. Andreasens Green staff  take pride in delivering the best quality tree to your project, recognising that it is both the visible and invisible elements below the surface which will add long term value and performance to your project.  Andreasens Green offers a wide range of species, both native and exotic, from 100lt -1000lt, also supplying ex-ground trees and palms.

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