Project Completed by Treescape Australasia Pty Ltd
Treescapes Australasia’s client the City of Sydney engaged them to plant advanced nursery stock trees along the streets of various Sydney suburbs.
This project was part of the City’s Green Streets program which is to fulfill their Sustainable Sydney 2030 commitment to increase tree canopy cover in the city by 50% over the next 20 years. The purpose of this program is to

  • shade the road and footpath surfaces which in turn makes them last longer
  • calm traffic in high speed or dangerous streets in a way that is preferable to installing speed bumps or raised thresholds
  • create a more beautiful urban environment by breaking up the hard and straight surfaces that dominate cities and also
  • tree planting in roadways provides the opportunity to increase the tree canopy particularly in situations where awnings or overhead wires constrain the establishment of medium to tall trees on the footpaths.


Treescape Australasia, City of Sydney