Winter colour like you’ve never seen before

Jul 10, 2022News

In winter we rug up and put on jumpers, coats and scarfs, we stay inside and keep warm. Winter is bleak and rainy at the best of times; generally filled with plants that have dropped leaves and hibernated for winter, but this winter why not branch out? Plants can offer unique and interesting complexities for any season!

At Andreasens Green we grow winter colour like you’ve never seen before!

There is an abundance of plants that flower and provide foliage colour in winter, giving landscapes and gardens a chance to flourish in this season.

Cordyline Torbay Dazzler has dramatic lime and cream coloured pointed foliage with an upright habit, this cordyline can add texture at many heights. With bright foliage this variety can provide great contrast against darker foliage plants.

Clivia miniata is a lush clumping perennial with dark strappy leaves. They produce beautiful flowers in mid to late winter, making them an ideal plant to fill spaces in dark shady corners. The flowers are trumpet shaded and come in shades of bright orange and yellow.

Acer Senkaki, in many parts of Sydney are still holding onto their autumn colour! They are a beautiful Japanese Maple with very distinctive red branches. They have bright foliage that changes colours, from green to yellow and yellow to red, before dropping to the ground. Once the leaves have dropped the bright red stems remain and add colour to any winter garden.

Prunus species, commonly known as “The Cherry Blossom”, after dropping their leaves in autumn produce stunning petite pink or white flowers. These grow best in cool climates and near mountains. The cooler the landscape gets the longer the flowers remain!

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